Top Four Summer Activities in Kansas City for Families

Summer is here and trust me, I know you’re looking for ways to get your kids out of the house!

Summer is approaching quickly and that means the kiddos are all getting out of school soon! The kids might not know it, but you know that their excitement that comes along with freedom only lasts a few weeks until it subsides to boredom. That means you’re probably starting to realize that you’ll need to find a way to keep your kids out of trouble, and entertained for the next two and a half months.

It’s a challenging task,we know, but no worries, we went ahead and compiled a list of the top five places you need to take the kids this summer! You can thank us later!

Go to a Royals Game

It’s safe to say that Kansas City is definitely a baseball town. What better way to spend the day than at a baseball game? Kauffman Stadium is known to be one of the most beautiful MLB stadiums! And look okay, I know the Royals season isn’t exactly looking up right now, but win or lose it’s always fun to go to the stadium! Grab a hot dog, sit back and relax; this is sure to be fun for the whole family! The Royals offer special theme nights such as buck nights where they sell $1 hot dogs, and family fun days, were they provide kid friendly activities! Check out the schedule, and find a game that works best for your family!

Go to Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun just sounds like a good time doesn’t it?? Whether it’s chowing down on carnival food, riding every ride until you’re dizzy, or cooling down at their sister park: Oceans of Fun, Worlds of Fun has something for the whole family!! They offer a variety of attractions, many of which are kid friendly. This amusement park is a must visit this summer! Make sure you pack everyone a bathing suit and change of clothes just incase!

Visit the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Kansas City is home to two beautiful world class art museums, and while art museums may be better for older children, the Nelson and Kemper both feature some kid friendly exhibits, and lessons as well! Entrance into the museums are free and so are most of the exhibits and attractions! This is an affordable way to get out of the house, and see some world class art!

Visit the Kansas City Zoo

With over 200 acres and many interactive exhibits, the Kansas City Zoo is a beautiful and fun experience for all ages. Take a trip through Australia, Asia and Africa, see all the animals, feed some goats, or watch the lions from afar. No matter what you decide to do, a trip to the zoo is sure to be a blast for everyone. Ticket for adults are about $16 each, but you can always look into purchasing zoo passes at a cheaper rate!


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