Happy Valentine’s Day: Let’s Talk About Love

I used to be one of those people who hated Valentine’s Day. February would roll around the corner and I’d want to pull my bed sheets over my head and die. That’s until I realized that Valentine’s Day isn’t the enemy, capitalism is (or society, take your pick really).

Society wants us to think of Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday, but I like to think about it as a celebration of love instead. You hear me? Let’s make Valentine’s day about all types of love, not exclusively romantic love!

Love is one of the best things about being human! So don’t take it (in any form) for granted! Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to spend with anyone you love (Yourself included!!) and show them you love them even in the simplest way (ex: face masks, chocolate, etc.)


The last few years I’ve made an effort to spend Valentine’s Day with my sister, my family and my friends. My sister’s boyfriend had dumped her close to the infamous holiday last year so me and my sister went and grabbed ice cream together.

Last year on Valentine’s Day me and my best friend exchanged cliche gifts, as a cheesy symbol of how much we cared (and still care!!) about each other. In my opinion friendship is one of the most important forms of love! I don’t know where I’d be without my friends to support me! (And vice versa too!!)

To me, Valentine’s day should be about spending time with people you love, and reminding them that you love them. Love should be celebrated whether it’s romantic love or not.

This year, I spent the day before V-Day in bed, wearing a flower crown and a face mask, eating microwave popcorn and chocolate and watching a movie called “How to Be Single.” The ironic thing is that of all the Valentine’s Days I’ve lived through, this one in 2018 is the first Valentine’s Day that I won’t be single.

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For Valentine’s Day this year I got my boyfriend socks (and I got myself a matching pair duh) and a pair of little foam dart guns (so we can shoot each other of course(just for fun! We don’t actually hate each other)). And as for our huge extravagant plans, we’ll be watching dumb movies on Netflix together and then we’ll go to Perkins after 9pm for some slices of pie.

Valentine’s Day has been made into such a huge fancy holiday where money matters more than feelings, and I think it’s time we change that. If big, expensive, grand gestures are what you’re looking for on Valentine’s Day then hey, more power to you! But I think V-day should be more about love than it is about you relationship status! Be your  own Valentine! Be your best friend’s Valentine! Text your family and remind them you love them!

Whatever you do, or however you spend v-day, just try to have fun! And remember that I love you!



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