So fun fact about me: I love unisex clothing. Sizing just works better for me, female specific clothing can often be very form fitting and uncomfortable, so I often wear comfy unisex pieces, at least on casual days!  I found a new brand of basic and vintage street wear pieces that I absolutely love!

poet brett glannon alludes to mysterious feelings with her poem "Absent smile" with phrases like "you don't smile anymore"

Basically Bralettes; My Fave Bralettes

Winter is winding down and we all know what that means... No more wearing over sized sweaters to hide the fact you're not wearing a bra. If you're anything like me at all you probably find bras inconvenient, uncomfortable and obnoxious to wear. Bralettes are the answer to all of our bra problems.

Happy Valentine’s Day: Let’s Talk About Love

I used to be one of those people who hated Valentine's Day. February would roll around the corner and I'd want to pull my bed sheets over my head and die. That's until I realized that Valentine's Day isn't the enemy, capitalism is (or society, take your pick really).


I find myself using my experience with photoshop to design content I use for my classes, or employers, etc. This is a list of some of my favorite designs I've created.

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